Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Take out the Trash!

Richard has mentioned decorating my stomach for Halloween and he'd thought about a pumpkin.

Today, one of the guys I work with sent me a picture of a couple in costume and SHE was obviously very preggers and she'd been dressed like a fat slob, drunken trailer house trash good-for-nothing boyfriend/husband complete with wife beater shirt and jeans too big with the belt undone, hat, unshaven, and cigarette. They had either drawn on, or glued on some black fuzz for chest hair and belly hair. HAHA

HE was dressed as a blonde bimbo trailer house trash complete with big boobs, nasty makeup, beer and cigarette.

What a funny idea! I'm not real sure our church would think that's too funny if we were to go parading through there during their Halloween night festivities. But gosh, its funny!


TC said...

My brother and sister-in-law went as Mark Chmura and a pregnant teenage cheerleader one year. They stuck to their genders though, and stayed away from church. Still though, I think their idea is funny. Besides, I'd want to see photos :)

Burg said...

That's hilarious!

Angela said...

Funny idea