Friday, October 26, 2007

Hello Goodbye

Originally, one wedding and one funeral were on tap for tomorrow. Until our neighbor died Wednesday and his widow also arranged for yet another Saturday burial. As this is pushing an already severely nudged envelope, we are sticking with our original plan of attending the first two, but we did pay a visit to his wife last evening and shared a meal with her and several sets of former next door neighbors that we hadn’t seen in ages. Though it’s sad to reunite under these poignant circumstances, the evening was upbeat and pleasant without ever veering toward the maudlin.

Much like most schools across the country, this entire week at Chaos College was devoted to Red Ribbon awareness and yes, I’m wearing my red rubber wrist band. *holds up arm* Various activities were held on campus, but yesterday they had the circle blocked off so as to demonstrate vision impairment. To quote:

A student will wear vision impairment goggles while driving a go-cart to simulate driving under the influence. Other activities during that time will include a simulated jail experience (Kerbear had one of those to raise money for something when she worked here) and other events to increase awareness of the possible consequences of drunk driving.

Anyway, as I was trudging across campus heading for the gym, I observed the go-cart in action and though I thought of it too late to get any really decent pics of the festivities, here are a few I did snag. This is just like reliving the college experience, isn't it? :)

This is actually a pic of the makeshift jail though you couldn't prove it by me. (Cops and kiddos are blocking the view.)

And to conclude our funky Friday...

Things That Can Get a Guy Banned From the Men's Union

  • You catch yourself thinking, "You know, what this bed needs is a few more pillows."
  • "What do you think: a Zima or a white zinfandel?"
  • You rhapsodize about taking that chick with the great rack home from the bar for a long night of sweet cuddling and General Foods International Coffee.
  • You not only know the difference between a puff pastry and a cream puff, but your choux paste swan took first place at the county fair.
  • “Ewww, gross! Two women kissing!"
  • "You know, take away the steroids and over-the-top sideshow atmosphere from pro wrestling and it's just like ballet!"


TC said...

Wow, that is a rough day! (Weekend really.) *hugs*

Bone said...

LOL Love the two girls kissing one.

We often refer to it as turning in your man card.