Thursday, July 05, 2007

Shaun of the Dead

Bright and early this morning, Richard and C visited our local friendly oral surgeon and had all 8 (4 each) wisdom teeth extracted.

C went first... and when they moved him to recovery they asked me to sit with him. Then they took Richard in for his plucking. Both boys opted to be put to sleep so they wouldn't hear or feel the business going on in their mouths - which I think was a really good decision.

C was in recovery just sleeping away... this nice little soft snoring. Not Richard. I heard them come out of surgery and talking to him... walking him to the recovery room. I peeked around the corner and busted up laughing so hard I thought i'd pee my pants. I darted back in C's room.

He looked like something from Shaun of the Dead. A walking zombie. He had the doctor with one arm, and the nurse with the other arm... he was walking stiff like Frankenstein and babbling on and on about something. I heard just a little of 'that was not bad at all!'

They laid him down on his little recovery bed and the doctor tried to run through the surgery and how it all went... but Richard kept babbling. It was like his tongue was 12 inches thick and he was on a week long drunken binge coupled with a round of Meth just to give him that extra little 'ummph' in his step. We kept chuckling at him... finally Richard raised his head, smiled and gave the doctor a 'thumbs up'. *insert hysterical laughing by us here*

After getting all the news, I sat down by Rich who kept trying to sit up but couldn't raise his own head off the pillow. He babbled and rambled and told me that 'he's really good! He should do this for a living!!' then added 'you should be a doctor!' I was laughing so hard! Then my precious... and I am not lying here... asked for a BJ! HAHAHAHAH I nearly fell out of my chair! Of course not! But I certainly grabbed my phone and started shooting little blips of video. He kept telling me 'thats some good shit' and 'I like that stuff... I could do more!'

This craziness went on for 30 minutes. I was soooo glad I volunteered to sit with Richard and the cute little nurse sat with C. I'd hate for her to have to listen to all that and be asked to perform BJ services. HAHAHAHAH Gawd, that would have been hilarious!

When we got home, C was right back to sleeping... and Rich.... well Rich decided to pass out on me. Listerally. I fixed them up with ice packs (tied around their heads) and laid them down. When I took them their pain pills, C swallowed his without sitting up, but Richard sat straight up, swallowed the pill and passed out smooth. So, now i'm on light-headedness alert. It's alot of drama for 4 little sweet teeth...


nunu said...

That is hilarious!!! When do you plan on showing him the video?

They made the right choice to be put to sleep. It is the ONLY way to have your wisdom teeth taken out. Hope they don't feel tooo bad when they finally wake up!

CruiserMel said...

I am as mortified as you probably were. That is the funniest thing I've read today....maybe this whole week.

Kerry said...

This afternoon while reading my post, I sat quietly behind Richard waiting... because I knew he had no idea what he did. He got to the BJ part and flung around and said "did i really!?!?!?". Yep, he did. And I got a little video of him trying to unbutton his pants! lol

Burg said...

Post the video!!!! LOL!

I love it when people are doped up like that!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

That's just good stuff! Nothing like a little pain meds to bring out the humor!

I'm with the video....or at least make him buy you something REALLY nice not to post it! :)

Kerry said...

Yep... I think the video is good bribe material. I might want to show his mom! HAHAHAH MUAAHAHAHAH

Bone said...

'he's really good! He should do this for a living!!' then added 'you should be a doctor!'

Oh, that is classic! Good stuff, Kerry. Thanks for sharing :)

Circe said...

Ker, I'm laughing so hard I am hurting my side and it hurts enough as it is!!! That is SOOO funny!!!!
TBC acted in a similar way when he came out of knee surgery 1 1/2 yrs ago. I should have got what he said to the nurse on tape. Darn!

Kerry said...

Bone: I couldnt wait to get home and start typing! I laughed all the way home and trying to get it all in words made me chuckle... it still makes me chuckle. I've heard people do weird things when coming out from under.... now I totally believe it! lol

circe: Also have your camera ready to roll. You never know when TBC is going to do something out of the ordinary. I would have never guessed i'd needed it then! After oral surgery! lol