Monday, July 02, 2007

This Makes Monday Really Suck

I am so ticked!

This morning I was marching down the hall - minding my own business - when I heard "kerry, can I talk to you?". It was my new supervisor (since the death of my favorite and much missed supervisor). I stopped in his office and plopped down in the chair to see what he had on his mind.

He sat half chuckling and nervously playing with a coaster on his desk. He began:

Him: I've thought allll weekend as to why Kerry would want to go to Site XYZ on Friday and I've come up with three reasons.

I'm kind of chuckling at this time because this sounds funny and he's kind of chuckling so i'm guessing something funny happened(?)

Him: 1) you just wanted to get out of the office (and he's counting these out on his fingers) 2) you were just trying to pad your travel expenses to get more money or 3) you're having a fling with Bobby Joe (not his real name) at Site XYZ.

I busted up laughing. Partially because this is the most absurd thing i've ever heard and it was obvious as to why I was going. It IS my job!

He continued:
Him: I'm really hoping it's not number 3. You know he's a known casanova. I'm hoping to rule that out.

Now, i'm starting to get pissed. I'm not sure whether to laugh, cry or really get mad... but it is making me mad because this is completely insane!

He saw me walk out of the office on Friday with equipment in my hand - taking it to Site XYZ so they'd have working equipment fast! My ex-boss always told me I didnt travel enough and I needed to keep in better contact with all of our far sites and now I finally went and THIS is what I get out of it!?

I start in: Well, first of all they needed equipment...
Him: You could send it with a driver that goes down there
Me: I have been told for a year that I dont spend enough time at other plants. I've always been told I need to go visit more and make appearances... and I havent traveled in a year! Besides they needed the goods quickly, they also had PC and scanner issues they wanted to talk to me about. It was better to go and see what they wanted to do (move some offices around) than to try to hammer it out over the phone!

Him: I don't see why you need to go anywhere. I havent been to those other sites in 15 years.

Well, my job is NOTHING like his job. He programs!

Me: Well, I've always been told that's part of my job.
Him: Well, I just couldnt make sense of it and I was just wanting to know.

He then kept chuckling and tried to dismiss me.

I headed straight around the corner to the owner's ADM ASST office and told her the story. She went ballistic. "Get to HR now and turn that in! He has no business even asking you anything about any of it!"

I called Richard for consoling...

Then I headed to HR and turned him in for making such an accusation. I dont think it's appropriate at all... and certainly not coming from someone who spends his lunch hours at the local strip club!


CruiserMel said...

You TELL 'em!!!! Jerkface.

TC said...

That's ridiculous!

Life as I see it said...

AHHH...The joys of new supervisors.

What an ass.

Have you ever watched the movie Erin Brokovich with Julia Roberts? There's a line in it I've always wanted to use. Something along the lines of her supervisor asking her how she managed to get so many signatures on her petition and her replying "I went door to door and gave 186 blowjobs. I'm really quite tired!"

If you'd answered something like that when he asked you, I bet his jaw would've dropped to the floor.

Then I would march straight into HR and report the bastard.

Bone said...

How ludicrous!

Ugh. I'm sorry you had to deal with that.


Kerry said...

Thanks you guys! It was totally uncalled for.. and i'm fortunate to have HR on my side. They called me back in the office to check and see how things were going this morning... and to let me know that I dont have to work under those conditions and should anything else happen, they will make some changes. They also pointed out, that if one of the guys had done it.. they wouldnt have been called in and questioned... but because it was me (female) I got questioned. I'm def making note of that and it better not happen again!