Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday Morning Notes

I can't not NOT blog this today.

It's going to be like 70 degrees!!! How exciting is that!?!? Anyone in Oklahoma knows that a day like today is much needed and even better... its Presidents Day so tons of people are able to get the day off (I am not one of them, dangit). My bank is one of them. Dangit.

It's terribly windy but the temp is so nice and the sun is shining! Tomorrow it will drop in temp, but still be in the 50's. I'm so ready for spring and summer!

On another note. What the @#$% is up with Britney Spears!?!??!

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Traveling Chica said...


It's 38 here and I swear I could just walk around in my sweater! (and pants of course)

It's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!