Monday, June 04, 2007

In Your Face

Well gang, after much thoughtful deliberation, I finally decided to become an esteemed member of Facebook. At least it doesn’t display blinkyshit and that’s a huge point in its favor. At any rate, I would love to see your bright, shiny faces in my 'friend' column so please feel free to add Circe Chardonnay. (Unaware I was named after my favorite white wine?) ;)

Sad News from The Onion:

MySpace Outage Leaves Millions Friendless

BEVERLY HILLS, CA—An estimated 150 million people continued to be without social lives Tuesday as a massive system failure at entered its third day. "The problem is taking longer than we anticipated, but rest assured we're working around the clock to get MySpace back online," said David Gundy, a spokesman for the social networking site. "We're hoping to have friendship restored to our users as soon as possible." The outage, which occurred late Saturday night, is believed to be the result of a complicated wallpaper upload for the page of a former VH1 I Love New York contestant, which triggered a chain reaction of web browser crashes and server shutdowns. Although MySpace's emergency-response team has so far been unable to reconnect any of the millions currently stranded without access to online companionship, Gundy said he remains hopeful that no profiles have been lost…A handful of relief organizations have begun to offer some assistance to MySpace refugees. The American Red Cross is currently setting up a network of approximately 60 smaller-sized "fill-in" sites, where lonely MySpace users can post abbreviated profiles and receive instant messages from aid workers in half-hour increments. But because it's only intended as a temporary stopgap, user options are austere: MySpace members cannot list hobbies and interests, upload MP3s, or link to favorite YouTube clips, making friendship compatibility and popularity nearly impossible to predetermine. On Monday, MySpace co-creator Tom Anderson issued an apologetic press release on the website of MySpace's parent company, News Corporation. "So I know alot [sic] of you couldn't check out your profiles and I just want to say sorry for all the lameness on our end," Anderson wrote. "Rock on." :)

BD girl,



Big Ben said...

Facebook is fun, but I don't spend too much time on it. I will look you up.

CruiserMel said...

I guess I'm out of it since I don't really know what Facebook is about. But I do know what MySpace is about and I cannot stand it. You're right about the blinky stuff. Icky.

Circe said...

Ben, I think it's only because I'm on the net all day at work that tried it.

Cruiser, I know. I just do not like MySpace at all. To be honest, I call it "MyCrap". hehehe