Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More Baby News

Last week while I was in Las Vegas, one of the techs had called in sick most of the week and Monday morning he called me and said he was staying home yet one more day. He sounded congested and apparently had been battling strep. I turned in his time for him, and HR contacted me to inquire as to his status and to make sure we didn't need to start working on other arrangements (short term disability vs. personal time off). Tuesday morning I got an email from him that said he wouldnt be in yet again.. he'd been to the emergency room the night before and was going to the hospital to meet a radiologist.

Our thoughts ran wild.... we had him diagnosed with all sorts of crazy things. Primarily blisters *giggle*. We're mean (fun) like that.

Today... he made it! So, I asked him how his sickness is going, how he feels, how the hospital thing turned out.

He said Monday he felt fine, but decided to go ahead and stay home and had full intentions of coming to work on Tuesday. However, his girlfriend woke him up about midnight... deathly ill and requesting to go to the ER. He sat in the ER with her til about 2:30am waiting while they took her pee and blood and poked and prodded. Then, after all that, the doctor came in and said Congratulations! Our tech asked 'what for!?' You're pregnant!

Yep.... The Ladies Man is going to have a baby. The last thing any of us ever expected... the last thing he ever expected too!

I laughed when he told me. He laughed... all the techs laughed. He'd threatened before to get someone pregnant so he could take off work for this and that with his kid like the rest of us do.... but we didnt think he really meant it! hahahaha

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Traveling Chica said...

Awww, that's both kind of funny and cute :)