Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cruisin '07

Last Friday evening was our annual cruisefest where classic cars slowly glide up and down the road to the oohs and ahs of the appreciative crowd. Caught between two weather systems, it started with brief sprinkles and an occasion finger of lightning snaking across the sky followed by an earthshaking BOOM, provoking a very real concern of possible ringside seat electrocution, a much needed reprieve, and finally the waterlogged heavens opening up and drenching the dwindling masses right before the final hour. This pic is of two guys (love the white, floppy hat) parading around together on a motorcycle much to the merriment of the throng. They happened to be coworkers of sis who lost a bet to another company and were coerced into flaunting their feminine side. The one on the back blew sis a kiss and motioned for her to ‘call him’. LOL

I have totally blown it this week in terms of hopping on my fav treadmill at noon and I’m just chock full of excuses. Yesterday I was ‘too dressed up,’ today my allergies are kicking my butt, tomorrow I have an errand to run with “S”, and I’m taking a personal business day Thursday. All I can say is I’d better fit some walk time into the equation before the week is out.


Bone said...

Lost a bet. Mmhmm. Likely story :)

Circe said...

Yeah...they don't look too distressed to me to be doing this... :)