Saturday, June 02, 2007

Las Vegas Fun

I could put out a million pictures of this trip, but I had to narrow it down to a few and I dont think they are in any particular order (order of occurence). I also don't have any from Deb or Tiff yet... and I know they got some good ones!

Anyways, we had a great time! We walked a million miles in the blazing heat, took Richard (against his will) to see Thunder from Down Under (a male strip show) and to offset that, I took him to see Fantasy (a topless female show). We also scored tickets to the Knights of the Roundtable show at the Excalibur. I say 'scored'... Richard and I had to go tour a new casino and listen to their timeshare BS to get 4 tickets for $50. A small price to pay considering we would have spent about $240 for the tickets if we'd purchased them. We had our 'NO' turned on though, so we did our 2 hour tour, said 'No' about 20 times and finally got our tickets. As an extra special little parting gift, we also got a two night/3day cruise in the Bahamas.

Thunder From Down Under was awesome!!! I've never screamed so much in my life!!! We got seats right up front and in the middle.. perfect for viewing all the nights activities ;) We saw 4 other men in the room of women, one of which was gay. One of them came up to Richard and thanked him for coming and being supportive. That guy was forced into going too... his wife wanted to go. hahaha After the opening song/dance, Richard leaned over to me and said 'i'll be at the bar... have a good time'. HAHAHA I never saw him again until the show was over. I was hugged and kissed by a hot, sweaty, tan, buff, long haired, tight butted Aussie and Deb got to do numerous butt grabs, swats, spankings, etc. She got the butt all night long! lol They did a Fake Orgasm Competition where 3 girls from the audience went onstage to do their best fake O.... the winner was a seasoned Canadian. She used the MC as a prop... wrapped her legs around him and went to town! You'd think they really were, um... having relations. haha He 'enjoyed' being used. ;)

Oh yeah, Fantasy was good. Boobs all over the place. :) I'm sure Richard could elaborate even more. hahaha He liked the red head who kept looking at him... she was a cutie. There is a girl in the show that was a student at Chaos College when I worked there. She has new boobage for sure. I could rattle on and on about the trip... but here are a few pictures.

Me (14 weeks preggers btw), Deb and Tiff messing around at MGM.

Best Friends getting to hit the town

All 4 of us at the Knights show

Us in downtown Las Vegas on Freemont Street

Freemont Street view

While we were downtown, the same night we saw Thunder from Down Under, we bumped into the Orgasm Queen. I stopped her and told her congrats... she wanted to do pics with her fans. haha

Richard got mounted just like she did the MC in the show. I think he liked it.

Rich getting a little taste of Treasure Island.

The Las Vegas strip at night.

Our last night in Vegas we enjoyed drinks before we saw Fantasy. I love this man...


Traveling Chica said...

Awww, sounds like ya'll had a blast :-)

(I'm still kicking myself for not seeing Thunder.)

Kerry said...

We had an awesome time! Thunder was fantastic and those guys LOVE for the crowd to be involved. next time you go.... go see them!

Angela said...

Lot of fun! It is nice what hubbys do when they don't want to.

Burg said...

Start to finish during both my pregnancies I was a swollen bloated mess. You look really good!

Kerry said...

Angela: Richard is such a trooper! Even when he doesnt want to be... he's a jewel. Now me... i'd be throwing a fit. haha

Burg: Thank you! I feel huge... but I guess i'm not as big as I feel. Being preggers is hard! It really jacks with your self image. lol You probably werent as swollen as you thought either ;)