Thursday, May 31, 2007

Strom Clods

If you’ve forgotten, that mangled expression was taken from the Married with Children episode where Kelly Bundy, with her typical aplomb, wit, and spelling finesse, was hired as a weather gal on a Chicago TV station. Here I was feeling all peppy and cheerful as it’s finally payday, our workweek “Friday,” and the shining sun portends a lovely, (dry) warm day in Okieland—the perfect triad of happiness. However, I prematurely peeked at the 10-day forecast for our area only to discover the dreaded “strong storms” predicted for tomorrow. And we’re talking 80% chance here too. Yikes! I was going to mow the back forty, do an hour walk outside thus finally breaking in my new sneaks, and run a billion errands but I detest nervously darting among gallons of water, buckets of hail, and howling, gusty winds worthy of carrying off Mary Poppins. I haven’t spied the dreaded “T” word yet, but it is spring and that always remains a possibility around these parts. I may need to rethink my original plans for tomorrow. Supposedly this soggy mess arrives soon after midnight tonight and continues ALL frickin day. Lovely. Fortunately I planned to cross a few establishments off my list at noon today when I skip working out and rather take care of business. However, sis, the guys and I have an eagerly-anticipated, prescheduled outdoor function we hope to attend tomorrow evening and time will tell if our plans come to fruition or are hopelessly dashed to bits.

Your humble Ms Circe is a child of June and in keeping with that summertime theme and knowing I probably won’t get to post tomorrow, the official start of my most favorite month, I leave you with these fitting lyrics:

Long time no see
Short time for you and me
We’re on the road
Like you knew we would

There’s a place a Gemini dream
There’s no escaping from the love we have seen
So come with me, turn night to day
You gonna wake up
You know you gonna wake up in a Gemini dream

Living it
Believing it
Wanting it
Make it work out
Make it work
Make it work out
Make it work out
For each other tonight

-- Gemini Dream-The Moody Blues

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Bone said...

Happy birthday month, Mz. Circe ;)

I LOVED Married... With Children! I was watching one the other day where Al gets a loan from Steve and spends the money to set up a shoe hotline. Oh man, I'm laughing now just thinking about it.

"555-SHOE also spells 555-RGNE. And no one knows more about RGNE than Doctor Shoe."