Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Inspiration Station

I know, I know! I have neglected you too long, my darlings. But if it helps take the sting out of my prolonged absence, I’ve had excellent reasons. Yesterday was spent in the dental chair (fun, fun), but Friday I was away soaking up helpful suggestions to make the college experience a positive one via speakers who focused specifically on fostering good relations among fellow employees, attending students and ourselves. The sessions were enjoyable, motivational, and downright inspiring and our final speaker was so mesmerizing, one could have heard a pin drop during her discourse. Nursing students provided health information along with blood pressure and diabetes checks. The pièce de résistance were the chair massages offered free of charge of which Mz Circe took full relaxing advantage. On a disappointing note, the vendor who always spreads an accessory-laden feast for public consumption was unable to make it, so I left without purchased goodies. On the upside, I won our table’s fall centerpiece door prize. (woo hoo!) This year our registration gift was a laptop carrier with the sponsor’s logo. Last year it was a zippered folder with this same logo emblazoned across the front, and a few years back we got to select a lovely totebag in a design (I picked animal print) of our choice. And one year was so unbelievably memorable that I have completely forgotten what souvenir we received. *sigh* At any rate, here are some shots for your viewing pleasure.

On our trek home, I spotted a billboard that said:

Wall Street
Bourbon Street
Sesame Street

--Only in America

The Gang (yep, I'm front and center)

Gorgeous colored chalk pic completed in about 15 mins by our first speaker

The centerpiece I won

The rest of our group at the table adjacent ours

Front view (smile gals!)

Transportation and our trusty driver. (Thanks, J!)


Wombat said...

No doubt who's the best looking in your gang, Circe.

TC said...

And that's a LOVELY van, Miss Circe. ;)

Looks like fun! But we're glad to have ya back.

Bone said...

Sweet ride. Our local prison system has a similar one :)

Circe said...

Why Wombie, you are ever so kind. *bats eyes*
Unless you weren't referring to me in which case...*sticks tongue out* JK hon!

TC and Bone, yes, they spared no expense in transporting us to our destination. Very plush and luxurious. *giggling*

weatherchazer said...

Nice centerpiece- Your conference gives better stuff than any I have attended.

CruiserMel said...

Massages and free swag make the world go 'round.