Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stay Puff Marshmallow

I've mysteriously hurt my foot. For a few days its hurt on top of my foot... like right behind my big toe. Right on top. It didn't hurt when I walked or anything, but when I put on my running shoes or pushed on that area, it was rather painful.

Last night I noticed that my whole foot appeared 'puffy'. Swollen. Richard put an ice pack on it and that helped the ache for a bit. This morning I stepped out of bed and whooooaaahhh! It hurt to walk. After a complete inspection of my foot, I noticed that a bruise is starting to form right behind my big toe joint.

This afternoon, my foot is more puffy and aches like no other! It hurts to walk! I don't want to bend my big toe with every step... it hurts to bad! I asked Richard if he was doing things to me at night while I was asleep.... negative. He says he's innocent. I have no idea what I could have done to it. I haven't fallen or dropped anything on my foot. I've had no catastrophe's or injuries that I know of... but now I have this mystery hurt.

How weird.


TC said...

I've been having issues with my left foot lately. It's been killing me, especially when I shift. At least you've got that great man to massage the pain away ;-)

(Hope it feels better!)

Angela said...

I get bruises and have no idea where they come from
Maybe you should make smores

Guilty Secret said...

Ow! Hope it feels better soon :)

Kerry said...

TC: Maybe mine is empathy pains ;)

Angela: Smores sound yummy! Today its kind of cool and rainy... perfect day to stay home and stuff myself full of smores!

GS: Thank you. I have a feeling its getting worse before it gets better.

Wombat said...


Too much ale, too many pork chops and and excess of carousing.

Kerry, we might have to stage an intervention on behalf of your toe.

weatherchazer said...

Sometimes you don't really have to do anything to hurt yourself- it's a spontaneous pain- I get them.

CruiserMel said...

"Richard put an ice pack on it" It's good to be queen. Hope it does start feeing better soon.