Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Engine Envy

TBC and I seem to possess a fleet of vehicles and are therefore never without transportation should the unexpected (car accident) occur. Basically, we have double the vehicles to people ratio. Therefore, for the majority of October and some of September, I’ve been driving The Beast. *reverential moment as we bask in its awesome glory* The Beast was and still is a very popular muscle car that inspires lust and envy in every red-blooded American male gearhead within a fifty or possibly even hundred mile radius. I watch the heads swivel around and jaws drop in wonderment when I whiz by, and it’s with mixed emotions that I realize it’s not Mz Circe’s contours that are causing all the fuss and commotion. I realize there are a few minor accessories that no longer work such as the horn, the clock, the radio, and most recently, the speedometer, but it still looks and sounds magnificent.

Monday afternoon, one of the construction guys stops at my door and inquires if I’m the proud owner of The Beast. So we chatted for awhile about what a terrific car I own and I cheerfully rattle off its stats and background. A little later he pops his head in again and declares that it was almost backed into by their trailer. And laughs. At which point I solemnly proclaim that if even one drop of its primer paint is harmed, I will cheerfully and single-handedly throttle him within an inch of his careless life. By God, that’s a classic car, people! I’ve since changed my parking spot to avoid possible mishaps and believe me, he noticed and asked me about it. Duh! You almost plowed into my baby, ya dolt, of course I’m going to change spaces! Anyway, I guess we are good buddies now as every time he saunters down our hallway, which is often, (just when does that boy do any physical labor anyway?) he tosses remarks and money offers for it my way or stops and chats. For some reason he thought I was a Packers fan and said something about that team winning the game Monday night. My puzzled look caused him to question my football loyalties by which I then pointed to my Browns mousepad. This saucy pup retorted that if I was a Packers fan and owned The Beast, he would give TBC a run for his money. *snorts coffee out nostrils* I warned him to enjoy the view while he can as my preshus GP should be out of the shop soon and it’ll be goodbye Beast. :)


TC said...

Well, you'd be even cooler if you were a Packers' fan too.

Just saying. ;)

Wombat said...

And I thought The Beast was a monster truck, back when your new co-worker wanted to haul horse-hay in it.

Mixed-uppedly yours