Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hot for Teacher

Did I tell y'all I'm doing Taekwondo!??!?!

I'm not really, but P is, and in a round about way, that means I am. I'm paying for it and watching lessons... so i'm taking it. Right!?

I never knew that to find the hot guys, you need to hang out in the martial arts training gyms. Heck, even daddy, who opened the gym in the 70's is still a hottie! His son, who currently runs the show, is a cutie patootie (and his baby girl is cute to boot!) and obviously a prereq to instruct there is to be tall, dark, and handsome with piercing eyes, luscious smiles, and limber as a newborn baby!

I might go ahead and enroll in the beginners program with P. I did Taebo for years... surely that would impress the hot teachers! lol I should get some pictures.


TC said...

Pictures would be greatly appreciated. O:)

Kerry said...

TC: I'll try to grab some. Maybe I can get away with taking pictures of P... and accidentally get the instructors too. hehe