Saturday, September 09, 2006

Painting the Town Red

Last night I got my hair colored.

Usually i'm a blonde but this time I went a little wild *snicker* and told Sheri to put some red in my hair. We did three colors... blonde, chestnut red, and a nutmeg brown and the three colors together really look good. C & P freaked because they have never seen me with hair other than some shade of blonde (it can vary from dark to light blonde). However, they have no idea that throughtout my life i've had blonde, black, brown (every shade), green, red (not just this time) and orange - which was not on purpose but because of my own mistake. The one time I decided to do my own hair, it went orange. I had to make an emergency phone call to my personal stylist and get the chemical mix formula to take out the Pumpkin orange before I could make the trip to the salon to get her to fix it up right.

We took pics of my new color... with one from behind. Actually that picture was intended for Richard... he loves these pants and my butt in these pants so he snapped the pic. However, it shows my hair... which I hadn't seen from the backside yet... so I decided to share that too! I like my new do.


Circe said...

Ker, it looks really great! Um, I meant your hair, but your ass looks nice too, and to be honest I love that top... :)

Wonder if i should try red again....
(is it true redheads have more fun??)

Kerry said...

I knew you'd check out my butt! hhahaha...

I like the new color. I think you should try a red.... do it! Just do it! I had a great time last night, so I guess red heads do have more fun! lol