Thursday, September 07, 2006

Motorola Mishaps

My cell phone woes continue. Several weeks ago without warning my preshus pink phone started shutting down. The first time it happened I actually thought someone was playing tricks on me by sneaking into the office, cackling evilly to themselves as they slyly performed this dastardly deed. Last week the shutdowns increased alarmingly causing me to inform my Cingular dealer of the problem and possible solution. The replacement phone arrived via Fedex on Tuesday and I immediately started adding phone numbers not saved to the SIM card. After entering ALL of them, I started making minor changes only to have this lookalike lock up on me. WTF??? The little darling became totally useless and I forced myself to remain calm knowing I was dead in the water until Wed when I could take this POS in and straighten things out. Once again “software issues” raised their ugly head and since my original phone works a smidge better than the replacement, the replacement was returned and I’m expecting No. 3 to arrive today. Three’s the charm, right?

Though this situation has been a stressful, royal pain in the ass, the shining bright spot is our adorable Cingular rep, “S”. This 20something flower child was most definitely born in the wrong decade as all she lacks are white patent leather go-go boots and a raised dancer’s cage from which to wildly gyrate in. Picture this if you will…long, teased, ebony locks held back with a headband, perfectly made up face, lovely dark eyes, French-manicured nails topped off with revealing, hippie-style attire lovingly hugging her well-rounded body. And as entertaining as it is to look at her, she radiates caring sweetness from within. Here’s hoping she regularly receives merit raises for her excellent customer service because that cutiepie deserves it. :)


Wombat said...

Whatever happened to the go-go girl in a cage as an adornment?

I think I'd like one in my parlour.

Circe said...

See, I think those cages need to come back. Stripper poles shouldn't be the only accessory in one's house. ;)