Friday, September 08, 2006

I've caught a quiet moment

I have been swamped this week and so many things have happened that are great blogging material, yet i've not had any time to post any of it. I hate it when that happens.

I haven't had any time to talk to my friends - I thought Bren had fallen off the face of the earth until I received a short little blip of an email from her today. Tiff has been gone, GFR is MIA, even Circe has been few and far between in her conversations *teary eyed*. Soccer season has started and it keeps me pretty busy when thrown in with all the other ten million kabillion things I have to do.

On top of all that, two of my most favorite-est blogs are going belly up, reorganizing, changing. Dan won't be doing his Daily Dump and Widwest is leaving our favorite two-some at Kiss and Blog. This news is so sad... Circe and I have exchanged emails expressing our shock and sadness. If you two are reading... we will miss you deeply and hope you come back!

C somehow wiped out his IPod and we've been working on getting music back for him. I messed with it one night and happened - have completely no idea how I did this - to load the Luau music for him. So for a couple of days he's been singing The Beach Boy's Wipeout. After spending quite a bit of time on it last night, Richard and C hit a 'bump' with downloading the music and out of frustration and exhaustion just gave up and hit the bed. Not before I heard 'mom, we have got to work on that tomorrow night!' So I guess I will be tackling that this weekend.

I'm so looking forward to our trip to Miami. White sand, surf and fru-fru drinks! Yeah, baby!


Circe said...

Babygirl, I Have neglected you this week! *sob* Chaos College has been so damn busy and I have temporarily abandoned my evil twin and beg her forgiveness. We simply MUST catch up!


Kerry said...

Forgiven *hugs*

or as Nacho Libre would put it... XOxoXooOXXoxoXO