Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Next Olympic Volleyball Team

Our PE teacher at school had a family emergency and had to leave town unexpectedly... so she needed someone to cover for her. I volunteered for two days... today being my first day. She left a list of exercises for them to do (situps, pushups, pullups, etc) and then we could play volleyball.

I skipped straight to volleyball AND I let them take their shoes and socks off. Apparently, they don't get to do that, and I didn't see why we should play in a sand pit with shoes and socks on. At the end of the 5th grade class, I heard "this is the best PE day ever! You are awesome as our PE teacher! Do you get to substitute again!?!?" I played with them. I mean I really played! We did boys against girls and I had to play with the girls... we rocked! Of course it helps that I tower over all the other players. hahaha


TC said...

Situps? Pushups? Pullups?

One day a quarter, so we could be "judged" on them. Oh yes, and he would make everyone watch so they could mock someone who didn't do as well as the others. Ditto with the scale: he let everyone see what everyone else weighed.

I hated PE with a passion.

Except floor hockey time. I could overlook everything else come floor hockey :)

nunu said...

Sounds like you missed your calling!!!