Sunday, September 07, 2008



I was all excited about watching the MTV VMA Awards, but its 14 minutes into the show and i'm so pissed off. Russell Brand can KMA!

He may have been just saying what he was told to say... but the butt could have said NO! To spend 14 minutes talking politics and blatantly slamming President Bush and the Republican party and making fun of Sarah Palin's family and begging people to vote for Obama is down right low, dirty and disgusting.

He is the worst host. MTV really knows how to pick em.

Britney just won her award. Good for her. She looks great, BTW. However, the host is an ass and the writers are bigger asses and I hope it all bites them in the ass!


Grant said...

The dems and other anti-Bush people try to paint themselves as enlightened and open-minded, but they often come across as just arrogant and uninformed clowns who think anyone in the Democratic party must automatically be a good person and politician. I remember the way they smugly assured us Kerry would lead the nation after the last election, then announced the country was stupid for not thinking like they did and said they would move. I'm hearing a lot of that again. I hope they lose again just because of that attitude.

Richard said...

That was the tackiest thing I've seen in aloooooooong time, even for MTV's low standards.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I am totally with you....but,'s if any of those people vote anyway.

Sad....but true!

I wouldn't expect anything less from the tasteful people that bring us "The Real World" and "The Hills". *sigh*