Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Series 1

The first night in Scottsdale, Richard and I found a cool little park. We saw an outdoor wedding, a group of hispanic kids all fixed up in bright colored dresses and flowers... getting pictures made plus all kinds of fun things to play on!

Here's me... singing at the fountains :)

Me again

We found the biggest LOVE!

Hanging around and having fun. We found out after we got the picture, that we werent supposed to be hanging around on and climbing on the LOVE. The park security guy told Richard. hehe

More LOVE fun!


TC said...

I don't understand why that LOVE wouldn't be there if not to hang on and take photos?

Grant said...

Uh oh - the pigs are onto you. Quick, take hostages and issue demands!

Burg said...

Ha! You're in love in that last one.. LMAO!

Bone said...

Love envieth not. Love vaunteth not itself, is not a jungle gym.