Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fire Sky

I'm baaaaaack!

Arizona is hot!! It's a "different kind of hot". I know i've heard that one hundred million times... and its true. But, it's still hot! At least its not so humid. I left Phoenix and it was 104 degrees... arrived in Oklahoma to a freezing cold 69 degrees!

Our resort was super nice and located in the Old Towne of Scottsdale... which I think is also close to a gay district somewhere because they were abundant! I'll have to write more later. Right now I get to go to the dentist. Blah


TC said...

Hot is still hot... but it really is different. Oh how I miss Arizona :)

I'm hoping there will be photos for this?

Kerry said...

Yes, ma'am! I'm hoping to sift through them today

nunu said...

Welcome back!! Yes, we want to see photos!!!