Thursday, September 18, 2008

Speed Demons

I'm trying to get my kiddos to speed up their typing, so today I had one of my classes log into our typing program and take a typing 'test'. This test calculated their speed and accuracy and then calculated at what level they needed to start. WELL this particular group is pretty young... third graders... and after they took the test, the software gives you the results and all of a sudden I started hearing "Ms. Kerry! I typed 17 miles per hour!" or "I typed 14 miles per hour!"

ROFLMAO! Miles her hour!??? I had to explain that its words per minute. Not miles per hour. Cracks me up!


Grant said...

Explain to them that it will seem faster if they type in kph. Or grams. Or Kelvin.

Big Ben said...

I think I type about 10 miles an hour.

Kerry said...

Grant: I'll have to look up "Kelvin".... haha Is that some military thing!? lol

Ben: You are very fast at "hunt and peck" huh!?

davidwells said...

oh that is funny. And I hated typing in school so I would have failed that test