Monday, August 25, 2008

Dive IN

It's taking me forever to get on with the RAGBRAI picture posting... so i'm skipping to the end. HA

Larry's Angels
We hired a driver to drive our Coach and drag along the car hauler and mini van (we go in style). He also waited on us hand and foot and made sure the Coach was set up and prepared for us when we came pedaling in so that we could shower and relax. Each morning after we all departed for the day, he loaded up and moved the whole mess to the next town/stop. Larry was awesome and we wouldnt have made it without him! He referred to us as Larry's Angels. As much as he babied us... we tried to take care of him too. *Kisses* Larry!

When we pedaled into the final destination, tradition is... that you dip your tire in the river. Here's our team after we'd all dipped and finished the 471 miles! Larry is next to me!

Sheri and I dipping our tires. What an awesome feeling!

Another note: Richard has now taken two successful spins on his new road bike and is eagerly preparing to take baby Z oe on a ride in her new bike trailer. The first day, we rode around the lake (9 miles) at a whopping average of 11.7mph. The next day, we hit the pavement and averaged 14.6 mph! What an awesome improvement and incredible for a newbie on day two! Richard is a natural. Once he gets going… he’ll be riding way ahead of the rest of us in the group. He’ll be up there with John and Pops and Mac! Good job Rich! Z will love the ride!

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TC said...

Ya'll are just plain crazy :)

I loved the first pic though!