Monday, August 18, 2008


My new pet peeve today is people who ASSUME the change is theirs to keep... for a tip.

Last weekend I was at a restaurant with a few people (7 I think) and we each got our tickets and send our payments back with the waiter. One of us (not me) paid cash. His bill was $11 and some change and he'd give a $20 bill. When the tickets came back for us to sign (credit cards) or our change, he didn't get change. The waiter said he'd kept it for a tip! Our buddy laughed hysterically and said he wanted ALL of his change and there was no way he was going to tip almost as much as his bill was! It was rude of the waiter to assume the change was his.

Well today at Sonic the little carhop chick kept my change without me telling her to. I know it was happy hour and my coke was only 81 cents... and I gave her a $1, but still to just grab it and barely spit out a thank you and not even act like you thought about change. Took it and ran! That pisses me off. If she'd offered me the change, i'd said 'keep it'... but now that you take it and run, i'll be SURE to only give you exact change next time!


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. I also hate it when they say, "would you like change?" I always say yes even if I was going to leave it because I don't think they should assume that I will give it to them. I waited tables for years and I was taught and always said, "I will be right back with your change".

Grant said...

My pet peeve is the tip cup at places where it's uncalled for, such as the work cafeteria. The cashiers actually expect people pay them for the privelage of taking our money.

Kerry said...

Anon: I've done the same. If someone asks me if I want the change... you're damn right, I want it! But if they'd just given it to me I would have left it for them and probably added more!

Grant: there are way too many tip cups in this world. I HATE it when I go to the bathroom at a public restaurant/pub and there is a tip jar!!!!

Burg said...

Car hops generally suck. I posted my dislike for car hops who expected tips a while back and got a comment from a hostile hop who told me that they don't get paid very much and they sometimes rely on tips, but people who work at McDumpster's sometimes start at like $8 an hour.. I told her that she should get a job there then.

I'm a jerk like that. :)