Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Styx Still Rocks

Maybe by next year's RAGBRAI ride, I'll get all of this years pictures posted! HA

I can't possibly post that many... but just a taste!
Iowa smells. I mean it stinks. Like poop. There are pig farms everywhere and the place smells like shit. I mean it! However, they have the greenest fields I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure its from crap run-off.

At one of the stops we ran into some of our cycling club riders. Don greeted me!

Tuesday night Styx performed for us! I love Tommy Shaw!

The crowd went on and on....


ISUTubbs said...

The first time I smelled Pig Crap my eyes kept watering and watering. My pig farming friends told me, "that's the smell of money in the making!".

Hope you enjoyed the ride...I hope to do it one day too!


Grant said...

Does Iowa know you've given them a new state motto? "Pig poo makes the grass grow green."

Kerry said...

ISU... It must make lots of money because everyone is wheeling and dealing in pig crap!

I'd do the ride again. I probably WILl do the ride again. It's hard... and fun at the same time!

Grant: I will forward my new motto to them. Next year, I will wear the banner on my bike. lol

Burg said...

LOL! You're a biker chick...