Thursday, December 04, 2008

Round 1

I got the first round of Christmas cards laying on my desk. Whooohooo! I hope the troops like them ... they have certainly brought a smile to my face. Not only because we're able to do them, but because of what the students write. Some are so sweet and some are just... clueless. HA

Yesterday while the kids where designing and writing I was watching over their shoulders and one girl started with "To My Significant Other", and then proceeded to write about how she appreciates this and that and Merry Christmas. After my internal hysterical laughter fit and then switching to potential child stalker scenerios and everything else that could go bad (I always switch to a dark side at some point. haha) I convinced her that addressing the card as such probably isn't a good idea and maybe should change it. She said "I dont know what that means anyways". HAHA Then why address it like that?! I guess she'd just heard it randomly and thought she'd write it!? hahahahah

Its changed and the card is good. Wouldn't some guy, or gal, just crap when they opened a Christmas card like that? haha


TC said...


Of course, if they had been around little kids at all, they would probably find it oh-so-hilarious!

Grant said...

I'm through with all my xmas shopping...forever.

Big Ben said...

I like to use the term significant other. I don't assume anyone is gay or straight.

I use it a lot around guys I'm not sure are gay to see what type of response I get.

Angela said...

Oh the things we didn't understand not to long ago