Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In a Far Away Land

I am so excited about our computer project today! I'm having the students make Christmas cards to send to the unit that was just deployed from Oklahoma. I don't know why this particular project has me so pumped... but i'm sooo excited! I guess because some troop, somewhere, over there, in the nasty elements, is going to open a little card from a kiddo in Oklahoma who thought of them :) Hopefully they will bring smiles!


TC said...

Oooh, that's a GREAT project! I love it! :)

My best friend is working for the WA DOT and one of the men she worked with went to Iraq about two or three months ago. They have FOUR kids, (all little) so everyone at the office has been taking turns giving his wife a day off every few weeks AND they all brought stuff in and sent him a huge care package.

I got her to ask him for the name of someone in his unit who hasn't been receiving much mail, etc. I figure I'll bake some cookies and stuff and send it over for Christmas.

Grant said...

I recommend sharing this card with the kiddies.

Kerry said...

TC: That is a huge burden for a spouse to carry when their partner is activated (taking care of the house 100%). What a fantastic idea... to relieve her every few weeks so she can have some alone time! That is such a gift!!! I've thought about us adopting a soldier too. That might be something I need to check into. You know their are guys and gals that have no family back in the states that checks on them... how sad!

Grant: CRACK ME UP!!! I love the card and I have to send it to someone :) I had the whole "is Santa real" conversation with 4th graders yesterday and they tried their darndest to convince me that Santa is not real. hahahah