Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween to y'all tomorrow!!!

Baby Z is going to be a ladybug and I've recruited Darth Vader to take her on the candy tour. She has a hat to wear... that has the lady bug antenna on it and she refuses to wear it. She rips the hat off faster than I can get it hooked on. This may be an antenna-free ladybug.


TC said...

You'll be posting pictures, right?

Grant said...

Maybe she would prefer to go as Darth Vader.

I've noticed that Vader is the only Sith Lord people want to emulate. I understand - he was my first childhood hero.

Angela said...

sounds cute.
Hope you guys had fun

Kerry said...

TC: I'm diggin through my pics now :)

Grant: I should have sent her as a little ewok. I always thought they were the cutest little fellows. Chewie as my favorite though. I always thought he was so tall, dark and handsome. :) I think I had a big crush on him. I still do.....

Angela: I love Halloween... had a blast!