Monday, November 03, 2008

Booger Bear

Has anyone ever noticed that New York always has a "can't miss" sale of $30 off purchases over $75 and Carnival Shoes always has the great Buy one, get one Half sale... every week; and Express always has the $25 off $75 purchase sale... every week?!? It's the exact same sales every single week. Do they really think we think these are special sales!? Just wondering if I was the only one wondering these things.

I'm home with a sick Z today. I really didn't have anything special planned, I wasn't working today... but I sure didn't want to spend it wiping snot and giving meds. I guess it worked out for the best. She woke up with red swollen eyes yesterday morning and a snotty nose and congestion. So off to the Urgent Care center she went. Richard got to sit with the doctor while I tended to the boys and the soccer tournament. Turns out she has an eye infection (we knew that by looking at her). Apparently, she got something in one eye and it became infected and, as all babies do, she rubbed her eyes and spread the goo to the other eye. I'm pretty sure this all started at a soccer game a few weeks ago because she woke up after the game with a red eye but the redness and puffiness was short lived. She probably got grass in her eyes, rubbed them, and started a little infection. Just my guess.

Anyways, Baby Z and I have been busy cleaning her room from top to bottom. The eye infection is very contagious so I pledged her room, changed sheets, shampoo'd her carpet, etc. It's spotless and smells so... pledgey clean! hehe She's napping now so I'm playing catchup on my stuff.

Tomorrow is Voting Day!!! Don't forget to Vote!

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TC said...

Aww, poor little girl! Hope she's doing better soon!