Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Lady

Ok... I visited the new Chiro last night and I like her! I gave her a list of my "you can't do this or that to me". I want her to use the Activator (and gave the ok to use the drop table), she can't twist or turn or yank me and I wont get naked. Yes, I actually had one chiro (many moons ago) want me to get naked for a treatment. You sported a nice white gown, but NOTHING else and it was open in the back. I wasn't really hip on that method.

She did my evaluation and determined a course of action plus she put me on the stretchy rolling table. The one where you lay down and these big rollers stretch your back and does it ever feel good! I felt like a million bucks last night and I feel wonderful today! I see her again tonight and her plan of action is twice for 6 weeks, then once a week for a few more weeks and then once every month or two. That is so much better than 3 times a week for four years!

Note: I didn't go to all my 3 appointments because I was self-diagnosing and determined (my personal course of action) that I didn't need to see him that many times, nor did I have the time.


Grant said...

It might improve your results if you both got naked and kissed and posted YouTube videos. You never know until you try.

Angela said...

Hope it helps