Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snap, Crackle, Pop

I'm going for a consultation with a new Chiropractor today. After several years of pretty much constant pain because "its going to hurt while doing manipulations because your back has been out of place and gotten used to it", I've had enough and i'm trying someone new. I didn't hurt before I started seeing Dr 90210, I just had this nice little curve in the middle of my back and I'd very frequently pop ribs out of place while in the gym. So, to get all that fixed I've been in pain for ever! Just not right I tell ya.

Sometimes I've wondered if they don't do things to you to make you feel bad... so you'll come back and get more treatments. Typically once you feel good, you stop going to the 'doctor'. I know they preach preventative treatments and that's all good however my "preventative" was 3 times a week which I changed (self medicating. haha) to once a week and I'd skip that if I felt good.

Crossing my fingers that new lady will get me all squared away in no time flat!


Grant said...

I think the medical community is just another business trying to make money. Some doctors may be honest and resist, but many realize they will make more by keeping you in the system instead of curing you.

Kerry said...

Agree. I think that's what Dr 90210 is/was doing. I'd get to the point where I was feeling pretty good and dang if something didn't go wrong. I always thought his plan of action was a little excessive!