Wednesday, August 16, 2006

West World

Most mornings after I groggily stumble out of bed, hit the shower, and down my coffee and yogurt while relaxing on the sofa, my drowsy peepers are treated to U.S. Marshals, united half-brothers, nefarious bad guys, Hollywood’s version of authentic cowboy attire, and rustic scenery. Why you ask? Because rather than gritty, informative news greeting my sleepy eyeballs, I am forced to view shoot‘em ups and rowdy bar fights as two full hours of intensive cowboy viewing rules the airwaves. Not a workday goes by that TBC doesn’t have his favorite category of show switched on. When I was rousing at 5:30 am, I was greeted by Marshal Dillon, Festus and a slew of ne’er-do-wells but now that Chaos College has returned to its regularly scheduled hours, I am catching Bonanza featuring the family that sticks together like stink on an unwashed vagrant.

Growing up found my considerably outnumbered dad forced to view Chick TV as the fussy females much preferred sitcoms and funny movies. All that changed when testosterone-fueled TBC started introducing me to TV, western-style. At any rate, I’m too sleepy to fight the tide so I meekly watch his morning choice and hold my tactful tongue. ;)


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