Friday, August 18, 2006

Insurance... Day Four

Her Majesty, The Most Unpleasant Sarah, called me back concerning my refund from my homeowners insurance policy. I called and left her a message yesterday with the whole long story of how i'm getting screwed.

Her message stated: We stopped payment on your $6 refund check because you stopped payment on your June 27 auto draft. There has been a new refund issued to you in the amount of $17 and the records show you should be receiving that shortly. I dont see where you should be owed another $97 in refund, so I'm not sure where you are getting that. I believe we've refunded all you are entitled to. If you have further questions you can reach me at blah blah blah.

Yeah, I stopped payment on that June draft... why the heck wouldnt I!? They even tried to draft my bank account again at the end of July! I'm surprised that I got the payment stopped in time. I just called my bank to see if the deposit had been made back to my account and sure enough, it was deposited back. Hallelujia! The reason why I was owed that money was because I thought they'd received the payment... nowhere has anyone tried to tell me any different.

AND if they are sending me a $17 refund.... guess I was right again. They did owe me more than $6.

I'd love to reach thru that phone and biatch slap some people.

I'm all happy now... and its Friday!!!

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