Thursday, August 17, 2006

Insurance ... Day 3

Today is the third day i've tried to call my insurance agent and speak to him about this refund disaster. He's out of the office. Imagine that. He's either been 'out of the office' or 'on another line' every time I've called. He doesn't respond to emails either.

So, Ms I-have-no-idea Secretary answers today and I tell her, again, that I want to talk to him. I get the whole 'not in' story and I explain to her that this is Day Three and i'm not calling him anymore. So I ask for the home office phone number. She fumbles around for a bit (I can hear her Oakridge Boys music) and comes back to the phone and with a slight 'i'm gonna giggle a bit and hope that what i'm fixing to tell her doesnt make her go ballistic on me' laugh, says... "you aren't going to believe this! Your insurance company is the only one that I don't have any information on!"

Imagine that.

Well, while little Ms was off tootling around her day old donuts and old coffee cups I was googling that company and had already found the email address to Human Resources. I told her "no problem, i've already found HR and i'm writing them an email right now. You tell him that i've called for three days and he really needs to call me back - i'm contacting human resources right now."


Then she says "oh. oookkay." I'm wondering if she's even given him the messages!

ok... well he just called. She gave him that message.

I've got phone numbers now :)


NuNu said...

Call these offices:
1) Home Office
2) Better Business Bureau -

You have put up with this far longer than I would have!!!

Kerry said...

I know *hanging head in shame*... I just hate to cause such a scene. I do think its time I rattle some cages though... this has been ridiculous.

And... they even had the balls to ask if i'd like to get a quote from them for this house.! HAHA