Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nothing but Rim

I just thought...

Last night we went to Academy to purchase a basketball goal for our house. We all like to go outside and play Pig or a little one-on-one and this is the one thing we've really missed from our old house. We make the purchase and load the goods up in the MM and take off across town to our house.

We unload the box and start pulling the pieces out. We have the backboard, the net and rim, the base, some hardware of some sort... but something seems odd. No poles. Well @#$%! We get to wondering if maybe they were an extra item. We pull the instructions out and start digging around for the parts list. Sure enough.... right there it says 'includes poles'. DAGNABIT!

We threw it all back in the box - as good as we could. At this point in time, it was too late to call or go back to the store. This morning I call them to see if there maybe is another box we failed to pick up... nope. It all comes in the same box. SO we have to load the dang thing back up and take it back to the store to get another basketball goal - hopefully complete with all hardware.

I say all that because I was sitting here fuming about the insurance deal and I got to chuckling because that happened to us last night and then I realized that i'd worn a shirt that said "Lick it up, Life is good" or something like that. It had popsicles on it.

I've got a jacked up basketball goal and an insurance company that has no record of ever having a policy on me (yes, i just got off the phone and they have zero record of me. Ever).

Getting a diet coke....


Grant said...

Tell your insurers "Your bank sure as Hell knows my checking account." Then set their offices on fire and see how long it takes to get their claim processed.

Kerry said...

Have you ever thought of being a counselor?

You have the most brilliant ideas!