Thursday, August 17, 2006

Our Goal

We exchanged the incomplete basketball goal stuff for a more complete package today and right after dinner Richard and C headed outside to start putting it together. They'd been out an awfully long time, so I decided to check on them (grabbed my camera too because you just never know when there might be a kodak moment and I sensed one was happening).

I was right. C was 'supervising' the work. Plopped in a lounge chair. Not only has it gotten dark on them, its hot and muggy and the instructions in the manual aren't right. On one page it tells you to do one thing, on the next it reverses it.

Lots of frustration... so I nabbed a few pics and ran back in the house just like a good wifey would do :)


Grant said...

I think you missed an opportunity with the incomplete set. Anyone can play round ball. How many people in your neighborhood play ground ball? Just dig a hole in your yard, put the goal in front of it, and try to knock it in there with a frozen leg of lamb. Also, remember that this is a full contact sport. Chainsaws are legal.

Kerry said...

You scare me. lol

Very creative though. hehe

Bone said...

You should have live-blogged the assembly!

I live-blogged my CD player installation and computer desk assembly. Sure, it slows down the actual work being done, but it makes it more fun.

Kerry said...

I didnt even think about live-blogging! I'm sure documenting my thoughts at the exact time would have been pretty comical. hehe