Friday, August 18, 2006

Welcome Mat

First a hearty “Welcome Freshmen”!!! Woo hoo! Today unearthed lumbering hordes of wandering newbies with zombie looks and thumbs inserted significantly up their clueless arses traversing our lovely campus as they obtained schedules, investigated college clubs, checked out nearby vendors and enjoyed a juicy hot dog complete with all the trimmings. They can’t miss faculty and staff as we flaunt our clonelike t-shirts that boldly proclaim today FRESHMAN ORIENTATION ’06. (Can I get an amen?) The phones are ringing off the wall and at this point I don’t think I could recite my name, but nothing beats the countdown to a brand spanking new fresh fall semester! Forgive the short posts but utter pandemonium has reigned this entire week and it gets worse next week when classes commence. To make up for my lack of eloquent posting, I plan to mo-blog at a cultured function I will attend this evening. I have packed my folding chair and nippy bottle along with some dry Blackberry and Spiced Wine lovingly produced at Wyldewood Cellars Winery in Mulvane, Kansas, so come along with me as I share my delicious vino and fill you in on exciting and interesting tidbits here at Ground Zero. :)

I love Barbie so I’m finishing off the workweek with this…

The’s 5 Uses for 4,000 Barbie Dolls

5> Enough pins for 400 lanes of bimbo bowling!

4> Just in case Lindsay Lohan's case goes to trial, we'll have a jury pool of her peers ready.

3> Biggest audience ever for the talk show you co-host with your cat, Mr. Fluffles.

2> "Allah be praised! The 72 virgins are falling from heaven to us!"

1> Emergency airdrops to areas where young girls are woefully confident in their own body shapes.

TGIF darlings,


woran said... visit this site, it is very good. Judging by your writing style and intersts you will surely like it.

Wombat said...

Oh please, Circe, can you publish 5 uses for useless POS spammenters. Please.


Woran, rhymes with dickhead.

Circe said...

No kidding, Wombat. Ker holds the reins for this blog so I'm begging her to hit DELETE for this moron because I don't have to power to delete myself.........