Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Haunting of Houses Past

Although we've sold the other house - signed, sealed and delivered. It's still haunting me. The day we closed on the other house, I called and cancelled the homeowner's insurance. They mailed me a paper to sign, I received it a few days later and I signed it and tossed it in the mail. Done deal.... right? Apparently, wrong.

That was the first of June.

The end of June I notice another auto withdrawal from my bank account for my house insurance. I immediately called my agent and asked him 'whatsup with that?' and he said that my parents had to run down and sign a paper for me because I never got him the one he mailed (BS i say) and that the withdrawal was taken out before he got the signed papers. BUT I should be getting a partial refund from the first overpayment and I should be getting this accidental withdrawal back too. He tells me it just takes a little while for the paperwork to go through.Within a few days a receive a partial refund of $6. I cashed the check and called my bank to put a stop payment on any future auto drafts that might come from that company (cover my arse just in case 'the paperwork' hasn't gone through yet again). I sit and wait... wait ... wait... for my full refund from the June accident.

I wait patiently all through July.

It is now August. Last night I saw a withdrawal in my account for $6. I called the bank today to see what in the heck that could be. They at first tried to tell me I must have made a $6 withdrawal at an ATM. Like heck, I say! So, they pushed on... then found that 'It looks like an insurance company stopped payment on a check and since you'd already cashed it, we had to get it back so we took the amount out of your account'. *I am boiling mad*I sweetly told her thank you... its not their fault.

I immediately called for my insurance agent and as luck would have it - he is NOT there. I got ahold of his secretary, who doesn't know shit from shinola, and left a message. This is ridiculous!!! Please forgive any mispellings or grammar errors. I am not rereading or spellchecking. I'm boiling over this deal.

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