Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sucky Cingular

Last week when five workdays were compressed into three and everything was building up to the grand climax we here at Chaos College affectionately refer to as ‘hell week,’ I had the added privilege of once again tangling with Ma Bell. Apparently they suffered acute memory loss of our explicit conversation a mere three weeks ago in reference to the downgrading of my cell phone plan. I had overkill in terms of minutes and the bill was killing me. Lo and behold, I checked my account online last week to find a considerably higher charge than expected leaving me a whopping DOLLAR in my checking account when that deduction was subtracted. What generosity! Thanks Cingular!!! Once again I stated my case in clearly understood terms with minimal use of syllables and received the typical runaround for my efforts. Not one to be easily dissuaded, I stubbornly clenched the receiver tightly in my determined hand prepared to wait on hold for as long as it took. It was only when I finally got testy and used the “C” word (cancellation silly, not that other word!) that they “found my notes” from our previous tête-à-tête and agreed to the cheaper plan. They promptly changed the fees to reflect the lesser amount owed and switched me to the plan I wanted thus soothing this irate customer. In talking to others, I’ve gathered Cingular is notorious for making the lowly consumer fight for their rights and this certainly held true in my case. I suggest they not renege on promised changes to this loyal customer ever again or walking papers will be served. *arches brow*


Don Quixote said...

Cingular is also the company that gives the govt. free reign to tap your phone.

Wombat & Aspen said...

Not only is Don a conspiracy theorist, he can apparently defy gravity.



That is all.


Traveling Chica said...

Wombat said it perfectly: Bastards.

Of course, I've had to use the exact same threat with Verizon myself, so I think they're all the same.

And btw... you go girl. ;)

Circe said...

I know they are far from alone in their callous treatment of the 'little guy.' And I'm sure it comes with the territory. But still! It's not fair to agree to something and then just keep me at the higher plan and more expensive bill and then I'm forced to call once again to get you to honor your promise. Tsk!

Off soapbox now, I promise. :)

Traveling Chica said...

Nope, feel free to stay up there. I think they all need to do something different, much like what Europe has.

It's a great system over there: I was in the freaking Sierra Nevada mountains (southern Spain), going sledding (because I don't ski)and had PERFECT cell phone reception.

You can take any phone, anywhere in Europe.

They all use the same technology, so the issues over towers and such aren't the same as we have here.

Of course, if companies were to cooperate and work together here, they fear they will lose a little customer base. God forbid customers be happy with their service.

Circe said...

I have heard Europe is terrific for cell phone reception. Imagine, cooperation. What a concept! :)