Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nothing Major

After a chaotic morning and grabbing lunch with my sweetie in Bricktown, I'm sitting here in my unusually quiet office just listening to the wild Oklahoma wind rip and roar. I have a skylite just right outside my office door, and we are sure that this time it's going to be lifted and taken for a ride. The wind is so strong today... but other than that, its nice outside! The temperature is about 70 degrees and if the wind would die down to nothing (or just a gentle breeze) it would be a perfect day to crawl into a bikini and catch a few rays of sunshine on the back deck.

A complete 180 from what it's supposed to be like late tomorrow. Our weather guy (you choose... whichever one you watch) has been warning us of rain, then ice, then snow beginning late tomorrow afternoon. The temperature will be in the 20's by 6pm tomorrow!!! So... guess that means I'll be house bound (somewhat) this weekend. Besides a basketball game, I guess I'll work on some insurance stuff, maybe work on taxes, watch a movie, clean on my house and hopefully get some time to update the links on our site. I think some of our little blogger friends have just given up and taken a permanent vacation!


Traveling Chica said...

Sounds like a productive weekend anyway. I need to have one of those, and soon!


I love your blog.

Circe said...

I say we catch up on our blog buddies latest entries while we are iced in. I have some serious back reading to do! :)

Burg said...

My wind chimes haven't shut up in about two days.

I'll believe the weather man when I see it. You know how it is around here. It may turn out to be sunny and 80.. Still, I'm about to go do the grocery stock up. In fact, since I'm doing that, it's pretty much a guarantee that we won't have bad weather.

Kerry said...

Chica... thank you! I've really enjoyed reading your posts and chatting back and forth!

Circe... I've got to do some serious catchup. I feel bad for having to let some reading slide, but work has made me... well, work! I'll read up this weekend too!

Burg... Kind of like its guaranteed to rain when you wash your car. Thats Oklahoma! (in the event it does get icey.... be safe!)