Saturday, January 13, 2007

Easy on the Ice, Please

The big winter storm that the weathermen have been talking about all week hit yesterday morning. I went to work earlier than usual to try to avoid the heavy traffic and so I could head home earlier... again to avoid the heavy traffic. When I left (6:30ish in the am) it was a bit drizzley, but nothing major and about 8:30am, we could hear the sleet hitting the skylight by my office. This is what I saw on my front porch when I got home.

We probably should have been staying inside and avoiding the dangerously slick roads, but I had a hankerin'...
This is where I was headed....

To get me one of these. I had to have a fix... and like the mailman... no rain, sleet or snow will stop me.

Today, we're supposed to get round two of the stuff and I guess tomorrow is round three (which is supposedly going to be worse than round 1).


Burg said...


So what was in that blessed cup??

Wombat & Aspen said...

This is a tribute to your loyalty, Kerry. Sonic should be gifting you something for the effort.

BTW, I think this might be the first recorded case of a diet coke and ice being considered a warming drink.


Traveling Chica said...

Please keep it. Don't send it my way. You can send snow, but no ice. Thanks.

Kerry said...

Burg... my flavor is Diet Coke... easy ice :)

I agree Wombat! I def should get an "A" for effort... if not, then at least a free brown bag special! haha

Chica... will you take the bitter cold too? I am not a happy cold person!

Sizzle said...

be careful girl!

Big Ben said...

It finally snowed up here but it is starting to melt already.

I miss Sonic (ate it a lot when I lived in Texas, but I prefer Jack in the Box)

slopmaster said...

Big BEN!

If he comments here, it must be good enough.

Its all been BS here in Dallas. Nothing but rain and bunch of bitches driving on the road.

PS word verification sux.

Traveling Chica said...

Um, you can take the bitter cold too. I'm not a fan of that any more than the ice.

Kerry said...

Ben... I have never eaten at a Jack in the Box. Is that like a Whataburger?

Slopmaster... I know word verification sucks and it is so irritating when I have to type it in one hundred million times every time I comment, however on one of my other blogs it was a must because we got hit with flippin spam hard! I dont like Spam :)

Is 'bitches' just a generic term for any idiot out runnin the streets in the elements?!?! lol