Monday, January 08, 2007

For Better or For Worse

I try to drag my new camera around with me everywhere I go (forgot it at TGIFridays when I needed it to get a picture of the chocolate chip in the ice) and so I took it to the wedding on Saturday to get some snapshots. I grabbed extra batteries 'just in case' and as my luck would have it, I got to the wedding and before the dang thing even started my batteries started flashing 'low'... and i went to grab for my new ones and realized i'd grabbed the old ones! So, I spent the entire wedding, rationing precious battery time. I snapped pics as fast as i could and shut the camera off. I got a ton of good shots though... i'll share a few here.

Richard finally dressed and ready to go... I fixed his crooked bow tie after the picture ;)

The wedding party. Her dress was white with black stitching and the accent color was red. The entire thing had a 20's feel to it.

One of the kiddos took this picture of us at the reception.

When the bride and groom leave for their honeymoon, most (or they used to) have rice thrown, Dale and Judy had bottles of bubbles. The only thing is, by the time they got ready to leave... everyone else had already left. It was Richard and I and about 4 other kids (and a couple of adults stuck inside) that got about 100 bottles of bubbles to play with. The big kids had the most fun.... as you can see. :)
This kiddo was chasing me and trying to blow bubbles on me. I stopped and turned... armed only with my new camera... and started snapping pictures. This one turned out really well I think!


Burg said...

I love weddings until I realize that I have no real reason to ever dress up like that again!

Glad you had a good time in T-town!

Traveling Chica said...

Cute. Everyone looked nice, and really, you didn't have to share the bubbles...