Wednesday, January 10, 2007

9 Months


Today marks our 9 month anniversary! I've always been told that the first year or two is the hardest... and it's been nothing of the sort! We've laughed and had the best time whether it be alone, with family or with friends... even with total strangers! You are a fantastic husband, an outstanding dad, and my very best friend. I thank God that the events in our lives and the highways that we chose to venture down, brought us together. I wouldn't trade any of it!

I love you...


Circe said...

Aww Ker, that is SO sweet! I think just maybe you 'loves you some Richard', eh? Wonder where I've heard that phrase before....*ponders*


Traveling Chica said...

That's fabulous! :)


Kerry said...

Thanks, Chica ;)

Circe! Where have you been to hear such back-woodsy talk like that?!?!?
I do love me some Richard! *hugs with a kiss*