Friday, June 15, 2007

I Finally Made it to Friday

Yikes. Kelly Clarkson cancelled her summer tour! NBD... I'm not a fan.

Paris is still in jail.

And... Zoobilation is still scheduled to take place despite the torrential downpours we are experiencing here in our blessed state. I kid you not. I looked out my back door this morning and we had raging rapids. Not puddles of water... but raging rapids that had potential to sweep you off into the neighbors yard if you were to go out and stand in them. We've gotten 4+ inches overnight (or in the past 24 hours or so). It's crazy!

There was a 6 car accident on the Raceway that I take to work each morning. It was pretty much cleaned up by the time I got to the location, but on the radio they announced another accident had just happened on the same highway, but about 1/2 mile behind me. I made it without incident. Thank God. Seriously. I think he knows he needs to keep his little hand on Kerry because she'd probably choke the crap outta someone if they were to bang into her! I don't want to go through all that again. It's forecast to rain for another week...

This weekend is Father's Day and it's jammed packed for us. The Electrician is coming to do a few things at our house, we are having dinner (actually its a surprise for one of our friends) with a big group of our friends from my home town, and we get to spend part of the time with my dad! I'm excited to get to see everyone!!!

At lunch i'm going to go buy us a new boat and instead of driving to the northern part of the state.... we'll just boat there. It will probably save on gas and we can take turns skiing!


socal sweetie said...

Hope you have an amazing weekend & Father's Day! And yea, that's pretty bad about Kelly Clarkson cancelling her summer tour =/. Oh well, lol.

Bone said...

I was reading the other day that Kelly Clarkson said she'd never told a guy she loved him. I'm not sure what my point is, except to share that tidbit.

I'm not sure if we've gotten four inches of rain all year.

Angela said...

Sometimes it is better to be very busy. Have a great weekend

Kerry said...

Sweetie: Thank you. Have a great Father's Day weekend yourself!

Bone: That's a good tidbit to know. I kinda thought she was a little bit off anyways... but now I know. :) I'd gladly share some rain with you. This is crazy! Monsoon season I suppose. lol

Angela: Busy it will be! Have a great weekend too!

egan said...

Boats don't take gas?

Kerry said...

Egan... boats take gas, but i'd guess it would take less gas than an SUV!