Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Night of Excitement

Will this continue for months to come? These dreams are crazy!
The latest in Kerry Dreamland….

Let me start off by saying I have great teeth.

I dreamed that I had a bad tooth which the dentist could not save and his course of action to save my great smile was to pull the tooth – with a few others – and give me a partial denture. I lay in the chair while he does the work, and it just so happens that he has my partial laying right there, fitted and ready for me.

He popped that sucker in my mouth and it filled the gaps where no one would have ever known they weren’t my real teeth except for the fact that they looked like white chiclet gum and were about 3X thicker than real teeth which pushed my upper lip out and made me look like I had Bucky Beaver Teeth!

I screamed hysterically and begged him to file them down thinner. He said “they look fine and you will get used to them. The speech problem will go away when you get used to them”. There I sat looking at my Bucky Beaver. They changed the way I looked. They made my cheeks suck in because my lip was stretched so far trying to cover them. I looked like Rosanna Arquette. Worse.

I pulled them out to see if I could get away with not wearing the partial… but it was a no-go because then I had gaps and it was trailer trash looking. I had to wear the Bucky Beaver look.

The dream ended at 2:16am… and I’ve been up ever since


Circe said...

Gang, I can vouch for Mz Ker having a stellar set of choppers!

Too funny, Kerbear!

Kerry said...

HAHAHHAHA.... Nice to see/hear you again missy!

Traveling Chica said...

Who is Bucky Beaver? I know Bucky Badger, but not Beaver...