Sunday, June 17, 2007

Birthday Bash

Saturday, Richard and I headed north to my hometown where we were meeting up with a group of our friends to have a little suprise birthday dinner for another one of our friends. Laura had called me on Monday of last week and wanted to get everyone together in the city so we could all go out... but Kelly and I had already made plans to surprise Laura this weekend with everyone getting together for her birthday. So.... I had to come up with some story as to why it wouldnt be good for us to get together last week... and "maybe this next week will work better"... so that her birthday surprise would be so much more meaningful and fun! it all worked out.

Richard and I got to the pub early with her balloon bouquet and Princess party hat.
I tried the hat on while we waited....

Laura was in complete shock when she walked in. Kelly told her they were going out to eat... but just those two. Laura was sooo excited! I think you can tell by the picture.

Everyone eating, drinking and swapping crazy stories!

One happy threesome. Richard, me and Brad.

We had the waitress take a group picture before we left. We dont get together as much anymore... so we wanted this keepsake!


Burg said...

I find the fact that you still don't look pregnant slightly irritating. :P

weatherchazer said...

Looks like a fun birthday...I want one of those. And I'm with burg...IRRITATING!

Kerry said...

HAHAHAHAH... you two crack me up! I look preggers... I was sucking it in ;)

j/k... actually Laura said about the same thing. She hasnt seen me in months and was so excited because she thought i was going to be all big and pregnant and I stood up to hug her and she was like "you dont even look pregnant!" haha... I will. Just wait a month or so and it will hit me ;)

Angela said...

Partys are fun and good surprises are the best

Bone said...

There are few things in life better than being pleasantly and completely surprised. It's so hard to keep those parties a secret sometime, but looks like you gals did a great job.