Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Let There Be Light!

I'm getting new kitchen lights today! The electrician (and his little helper guy) is here putting in 6 new lights - so I can finally see over the sink and around all the counters! yipppeeee!

They make me nervous though... I sat and listened to them "get on the same page" as to where the lights go and how they were going to "go about this". I was so praying they wouldnt accidentally cut a hole where they really didn't want one. So far, so good. I went in to supervise once... and they told me they had it under control. Translation: go back to what you were doing lady. hahaha

I hear some little clanks and clatters - what sounds like lights going in. I'm scared to check.


weatherchazer said...

I love getting new things!

Kerry said...

Me too!!!