Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Snoodle Snipping

Yesterday just sucked. Food Mooch was slamming things around loudly muttering to himself about having to mop up water in our basement, cold air funnels were spotted (though the helpful radio personality explained they were like clouds dressing up as tornadoes for Halloween), liquid intake was curtailed thanks to the potty situation, and the pièce de résistance had to be Water Buffalo’s vindictively squealing about my possession of a legitimately obtained key allowing access to the gym that I refused to lend her resulting in confiscation of said item. Nevermind that Mz Paragon of Virtue arrives late for work every day of her life, tries to finagle free samples from the bookstore and occasionally hijacks coworker’s offices (company property) during the lunch hour for compensated, moonlighting massages. Yeah, that’s ethical.

Dear BW is finally getting his wings clipped, so to speak and it’s high time he did. The last couple months have found him staying out late, getting into fights with neighborhood felines and making his adopted human parents sick with worry. As annoying as this behavior is, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to his frequent need to mark his territory in every corner of the house and blatantly ignore the litter box. In reality, he’s low cat on the totem pole as big brother Stubbly has been resident "King" for more years than I can recall. We’re hoping this will eliminate the constant carpet shampooing and insistence that the boy spend the night in the bathroom (spotted drinking from his fav water source) rather than roam the halls dribbling. Though this procedure has been in the works for awhile, it failed to register a few nights ago. TBC was watching Gene Simmons’ reality show and I was deeply immersed on the computer when in passing TBC remarked “He had his pecker out and was dry humping.” I questioned who he had reference to and he retorted “Who do you think? BW!” Quite frankly I thought he meant Gene Simmons. Well, I wouldn’t put anything past Mr. Tongue, would you? :)


CruiserMel said...

Did it ever occur to you that the cat might just be cleaning the "water source"? NOW, who's the silly one?

Oh - and be careful with those tornados!

Circe said...

Well that's entirely possible, CM, but he must be doing it with his scratchy tongue as I don't see a wee little toiletbrush in his paws. Possibly he's doing a thorough inspection first...