Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Moms Day!

This morning I went to "Muffins for Mom" at P's school (a Mother's Day dealie) and each kiddo in his class had made little books for their mom's that had one page for each letter of the alphabet. They had drawn a picture for each and put a word that described their moms. I sat down at P's desk to look at my Mommy book, and read:

"A" is Amazing cook
"B" is Boss. She's the Boss
"C" is Cooks Mac and Cheese
"D" is Deranged.

I stared at the page... busted up laughing. Actually, he'd spelled it dranged, but I knew what he meant.

De-ranged P?!?!?! Why in the world did you put that!?!?!

He's busting up laughing... bout to pee his pants actually because of his "D" word.

I read on...

"E" is Easy Loving
"F" Flaming mad.

Flaming mad with a picture of me standing with a scowl on my face and huge flames coming out of my head! I couldnt help but laugh again...

However, now i'm thinking that I might need to go speak to his teacher because OMG what in the world was she thinking about me when she helped him put this book together!? I looked around the room at all the other mommy's reading their books and the girl next to me was busting up laughing too... so apparently she's as bad as I am.

The rest of my book read:
"G" Good Will (because i'm a giver)
"H" Human
"I" Idol
"J" Jabber (he says I talk alot!!!)
"K" Kerry
"L" Loved
"M" Mother
"N" Not unloved
"O" Organized
"P" Pregnant (he's really excited)
"Q" Quick Minded
"R" Rich (by whose definition!?!? haha)
"S" Supermodel (He's an awesome kid!!!)
"T" Talker
"U" Urban (he says i'm not old fashioned so i'm urban)
"V" Van Hater (absolutely!!)
"W" Watcher
"X" X-wife (yeah, i am one)
"Y" Yoga
"Z" Zitless (why?!??! He said he couldnt think of anything else with a Z)

This book cracks me up!! I've shown everyone. The guys here at work agree with the dranged, jabber and flaming mad. HAHAHAHHA


Bone said...

Aww, supermodel is so sweet.

Jabber? Talker? I just can't see that at all ;-)

Zitless. Now that's creative.

Bone said...

PS: Happy Mother's Day.

Traveling Chica said...

Awww, I'm half in love with him myself :)

Those are great. I think you're both pretty darn lucky to have each other.

Happy Mother's Day, Miss Kerry.

Burg said...

That's hilarious!

Happy Mother's Day!

Kerry said...

Bone: the guys took me out to eat last night for Mother's Day and I let P get his choice of dessert (which I rarely do) - because he put Supermodel :) hehe

Chica: He is a good kiddo and I'm so happy he's mine!

Burg: Thank you! I hope all you guys have a Great Mother's Day also! Including Bone.... ;)