Monday, May 07, 2007

Rainy Days & Mondays

It looks like the beginning of a soggy week here in Okieland. We managed to miss the severe stuff Sat. night and fortunately the tornadoes forecast for yesterday never transpired but we’re not out of the woods yet. Both today and tomorrow, strong storms are predicted and there’s no telling what ghastly extras they will usher in.

Our annual downtown flower show, wine & cheesefest, dog racing, three-ring circus was held this past Saturday and though the displays seems somewhat sparse this year, and the cheese half of the wine & cheese duo was a no-show, the thirst-quenching, camaraderie-inducing vino more than made up for it. Even the winery reps proved to be on a reduced scale as less than half showed up this year and Ms Circe’s snockeredness was cut exponentially. Nevertheless, massive RVs were walked through, expensive boats were lusted after, and the ever popular people-watching proved to be a fun diversion. We met up with TBC’s bud Don and his better half and when we ate a late lunch at a nearby restaurant, more friends arrived to enliven the table. A good time was had by all and though my cute new flipflops gave me nasty blisters resulting in pitiful hobbling, I left the premises four bottles (a Chardonnay, a sweet cherry, a surprising, spicy raisin-jalapeno combo, and another semi-sweet whose name I’ve forgotten) richer. Here’s hoping for an improved, enhanced experience next year. :)

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Burg said...

There's a winery not too far from here. I've finally found a wine that I really like, but since the Okie gummint folk have decided that OK wineries can no longer sell to businesses without first going through a wholesaler, I think I'll make it a point to buy my fruit of the vine there instead of a liquor store. Poor people.. They said they were really worried about their income now. Stupid lawmakers.. I guess they weren't getting enough of a cut..